My name is Jelena and I am photographer based in Belgrade, Serbia, but capturing the love worldwide.

I mostly shoot weddings, elopements and engagement sessions.

I am in love with my job, my boyfriend and my two dogs. And pasta, I really love pasta.

I think I inherited love for photography from my grandpa, who is the main reason why I have so many childhood photos and I will be always grateful to him.

I started exploring the world of photography in 2013, when I bought my first DSLR. I had no idea how it worked, so during my vacation that year, I asked one photographer to help me out with “all of these numbers and lines on the display”. He is one of my best friends now.

Since then, I am constantly learning. Learning about photography and people themselves. I discovered a whole new world, and I am happy because of it. I tried doing different types of photography but weddings were the biggest challenge for me. They still are.

I believe every story is unique, every wedding is special in its own way, and I try to bring the best out of every couple I meet.

So far, I photographed weddings and portraits around the Europe, from Vienna, Austria to Florence, Italy. So, if you are checking out my website from other part of the Europe or world, and you like my work, don’t hesitate to contact me, since I love traveling!